John La Barbera's new Big Band CD "Caravan" features Pat La Barbera, Joe La Barbera, and Clay Jenkins on a "swinging journey" that "delivers a classic, impeccably performed, big band recording."

Nicholas F. Mondello, All About Jazz.

John La Barbera's "Caravan" (Jazz Compass), has been crafted by an orchestral master. The arrangements here are superb.

Marc Myers, Jazz Wax

Thank goodness for musicians like John La Barbera ... and the rest of the La Barbera family! When I simply must get another "big band fix," artists such as La Barbera get the same urge and produce an album like this one. Let it be shouted from the rooftops: This is a "for real" big band.

Ric Bang, Jazz Scan.

Be sure to check out these "Caravan" videos.

"Caravan" is available at Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, and CD Universe.

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Composer/Arranger John La Barbera (LaBarbera) Big Band CD On The Wild Side

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