"Grammy-nominated La Barbera's arranging style is a perfect blend of contrapuntal writing, brilliant orchestrations and rhythmic and textural variety."

– Nick Mondello, All About Jazz

John La Barbera Big Band –

John La Barbera's third Jazz Compass recording brings together the three La Barbera brothers – John, Pat and Joe – one of the "most formidable familial trios in jazz history."

The CD features three original tracks by John La Barbera and covers ranging from "Caravan" to "Forgotten But Not" to "Incompatibilidade De Genios." See the videos to see and hear the John La Barbera Big Band.

"Caravan" is available at Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, and CD Universe.


Caravan (Juan Tizol/Duke Ellington) – 5:28
Solos: Ryan Dragon, Eric Hughes, Trombones

Voyage (Kenny Barron) – 5:03
Solos: Clay Jenkins, Trumpet; Pat La Barbera, Tenor Sax

Roman Notes (John La Barbera) – 5:50
Solos: Brian Scanlon, Alto Sax

Atlantis (McCoy Tyner) – 9:32
Solos: Pat La Barbera, Tenor & Soprano Sax; Bill Cunliffe, Piano

Forgotten But Not (John Goldsby) – 5:27
Solos: Tom Warrington, Bass; Kim Richmond, Alto Sax

Incompatible (Incompatibilidade De Genios (Jao Bosco) – 5:32
Solos: Bill Cunliffe, Elect. Keyboard; Brian Scanlon, Alto Sax; Joe La Barbera, Drums; Aaron Serfaty, Percussion

Accordin' to Gordon (John La Barbera) – 4:55
Solos: Clay Jenkins, Trumpet; Pat La Barbera, Tenor Sax

Trinacria (John La Barbera) – 6:47
Solos: Pat La Barbera, Soprano Sax; Joe La Barbera, Drums

Young Rabbits (Wayne Henderson) – 4:35
Solos: Eric Hughes, Ryan Dragon, Trombone; Rob Lockhart. Tenor; Joe La Barbera, Drums

John La Barbera Big Band


Pat La Barbera – Tenor & Soprano Sax
Brian Scanlon – Alto Sax, Flute
Rob Lockart – Tenor Sax, Flute
Bob Carr – Baritone Sax, Bass Clarinet
Kim Richmond – Alto Sax

Clay Jenkins
Willie Murillo
Bob O'Donnell
Wayne Bergeron

Ryan Dragon
Eric Hughes
Les Benedict
Ken Kugler – Bass Trombone

Bill Cunliffe

Aaron Serfaty

Tom Warrington

Joe La Barbera

Production Credits

Produced by John La Barbera
Recorded at EastWest Studios, Hollywood, CA June 5-6, 2013
Recording Engineer, Talley Sherwood
Jeremy Miller (2nd) & Davis Meissner (3rd)
Assistant Engineers
Mixed & Mastered by Talley Sherwood , Tritone Studios, Glendale, CA
CD Graphic Design, Edward La Barbera
Music Preparation, James Gagne & Brad Ritchie

All arrangements by John La Barbera


These and other arrangements by John La Barbera are available from Hal Leonard Publications, eJazzLines, & Kendor Music.

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