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John La Barbera arranged this Woody Shaw tune for his 2005 album Fantazm, on Jazz Compass records. The chart features solos for trumpet, drums, and tenor saxophone with nice backgrounds.


Roman Notes

This work is dedicated to a dear friend and musical mentor, Joe Romano. He was a great influence in the early musical growth of the La Barbera brothers and one of the greatest guys to hang with. He was funny, serious (about his music), smart and thoroughly professional. Thinking back to our shared band experiences, I recalled that Joe had a 12/8 groove when he walked. When the Mellon CNY Humanities Corridor and the College of Arts & Sciences of Syracuse University commissioned me to do a work celebrating a musician from Upstate NY, I could think of no better person to honor. Brian Scanlon, who also was a friend of Joe's, tears it up on this cut.


Tiger of San Pedro – Original Version

From the 1975 Grammy nominated Columbia records LP "Tiger of San Pedro" by Bill Watrous, this has been a staple for over 40 years and never out of print until now. An updated notation of the original score coming soon.

Tiger of San Pedro – Easy Version

Arranged by Paul Lavender, this version has been a winner since its first issue and continues to be programed at festivals and competitions.


Pythodd Fellows

The Pythodd Club in Rochester, NY was the first place my brothers & I ever heard real, live jazz. It was a private, African American social club managed by Bobby Hendricks brother of jazz singer John Hendricks and was host to countless jazz giants, especially organ groups. That configuration has always been one of my favorites and here it is surrounded by a the big band.



A little known gem from the pen of Duke Ellington. From my second CD of the same name, this soprano & piano feature that is sure to please audiences everywhere.



Kenny Barron's classic from my latest big band CD, "Caravan." A great chart that showcases trumpet & tenor. Check it out.


Dancing Men

Recorded by Buddy Rich on the album Rich In London (RCA), this well-crafted excursion gives the drummer a real workout from start to finish and showcases a recurring presentation of the folk theme by soprano (or alto), tenor and trumpet. Horn soloists include tenor sax and trombone, and the drummer has an open solo just before the final shout.


“Best Coast Jazz”

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September 16, 2016
John La Barbera's new Big Band Vinyl LP "Best of the John La Barbera Big Band" features cuts from John's three great CDs; "On The Wild Side," "Fantazm," and "Caravan."

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