On the Wild Side

With guest soloist Bud Shank, featuring Pat and Joe La Barbera, and Clay Jenkins.

Buddy Rich composer/arranger John La Barbera leads an all-star, studio big band through standards & originals with fresh new treatments. Highlights include Elmer Bernstein’s “Walk on the Wild Side” suite originally scored for Buddy Rich by La Barbera but never recorded. The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby,” Miles Davis’ “So What,” the La Barbera classic, “Tiger of San Pedro,” and a big band version of Joe La Barbera’s “Message from Art.”

John La Barbera’s Big Band CD “On The Wild Side” (JazzCompass 1007) has placed #12 on Jazz With Bob Parlocha’s “Top 25” list.

  • It is a pleasure to welcome this fresh rendition of my "Walk on the Wild Side" score.

    Elmer Bernstein
  • ...we've waited a long time for John La Barbera to record his first big-band album, and it's good. Check that; it's better than good much closer, one might reasonably argue, to spectacular.

    Scott Yanow, All About Jazz, 2004
  • I am so impressed with this debut album. It is shattering in its impact, ... the arrangements are by a master craftsman... the raw power and energy of the band, the sense of occasion generated make this one of my very special albums. I urge anyone who loves the big bands to seek the CD without delay.

    John Kiloch, Mainly Big Bands, 2004

Track List

Mayreh (H. Silver)
Solos: Bud Shank, Alto; Clay Jenkins, Trumpet

So What (M. Davis)
Solos: Clay Jenkins, Trumpet; Pat La Barbera, Tenor

Tiger Of San Pedro (J. La Barbera)
Solos: Wayne Bergeron, Trumpet; Pat La Barbera, Tenor

Message From Art (Joe La Barbera)
Solos: Bob Shepard, Tenor; Bruce Paulson, Trombone; Joe La Barbera, Drums

Walk On The Wild Side Suite (E. Bernstein)
(Walk On The Wild Side / Night Song / Rejected /
Walk On The Wild Side Reprise)
Solos: Pat La Barbera, Soprano-Tenor

Cachaca Gotcha (J. La Barbera)
Solos: Kim Richmond, Alto; Joe La Barbera, Drums

Eleanor Rigby (Lennon/McCartney)
Solos: Pat La Barbera, Tenor; Clay Jenkins, Trumpet;
Joe La Barbera, Drums

Cloth of Silver - Threads of Blue (J. La Barbera)
Solos: Clay Jenkins, Trumpet; Bill Cunliffe, Piano

Highland Crossing (J. La Barbera)
Solos: Pat La Barbera, Soprano; Dennis Farias, Trumpet

Production Credits

Produced by John La Barbera, with help from Talley Sherwood & Tom Peterson.
Recorded & Mixed at Citrus Studios, Glendora, CA,
January 7 & 8, 2002 & March 11, 2002 .
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Talley Sherwood.
Assistant Engineer: Mike Sherlock.
Mastered by Entourage 5.1.
Engineer: Stacy Carson.
Mastering assistance: Talley Sherwood.
Photos by Alex Solka.
CD design by James Frank Dean.
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John La Barbera Big Band

Bud Shank - Alto
Brian Scanlon -Alto, Soprano, Flute, Piccolo
Kim Richmond - Alto
Bob Shepard - Tenor
Pat La Barbera - Tenor (replaces Peterson on 2,3,5,9)
Tom Peterson - Tenor
Bob Carr - Baritone, Bass Clarinet

Wayne Bergeron (lead 2,3,4,5,6,7)
Dennis Farias (lead 8,9)
Bob O'Donnell (lead 1)
Clay Jenkins

Bruce Paulson
Alex Iles
Andy Martin
Bill Reichenbach (replaces Paulson on 2,3,5,9)
Ken Kugler (Bass)

Bill Cunliffe - Keyboards
Tom Ranier - Keyboards (replaces Cunliffe on 2,3,5,9)
Tom Warrington - Bass
Joe La Barbera- Drums
Scott Breadman - Percussion on "Gotcha"

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